7 Reason Why Your Insurance/Financial Advisor Needs More Respect

7 Reason Why Your Insurance/Financial Advisor Needs More Respect
Why agent needs more respect

Why agent needs more respect

Did you know that there are more than 20 Lakhs insurance agents in India? This vast population of agents has been around for several years and have been advising families for better financial management in order to save the families from any financial trouble. However things have changed a bit in the last few years due to some stray distributors who sold insurance in a wrong manner. This negativity has also affected the image on insurance agents.

However if you go just a few years back or ask your parents, you will know that in every town insurance adviser was very respected and the position was highly dignified. It was respected because of the value they provided in their advisory. Insurance is an important element of financial planning and also financial risk management and we must not let insurance become a bad name because of some bad elements.

Let us try to understand why an insurance agent is important and needs respect:

  1. He sees to it that your family does not face any problem in your absence

Many people think that they have protected the family by buying an insurance plan; however the responsibility does not end there. Who would support the family in case of an unexpected death? Who would get the claim and then invest it properly?

Since several years insurance agents have been doing this job. They make sure that the family is well settled in case of an unfortunate event. They consider their customer as extended family and go out of their way to serve only to see a family held together.

  1. He advises you to plan for your child’s education before it’s too late


A new child in life is always a happy moment and people celebrate if for several months. People get so engrossed with their life that they eventually forget or postpone the planning for their new member as (according to them) there are still many years before they need to worry about the child’s education.

An insurance agent makes up for our lack of foresight. After the euphoria of a new child is over, an insurance agent will always make parents realize the importance of starting early and instill a discipline of investing early. An agent flourishes only when his clients do and hence such timely advice goes a long way in shaping child’s future.

If you still don’t realize an agent’s importance then just picture the death of a parent when the child is only 2 years old. And now imagine how the child’s future would be if the agent’s advise has already been listened to.

  1. In a way, he gives guarantee of your life

An insurance agent offers a product which effectively gives a guarantee of life. He ensures a certainty of a very important component in today’s time; money.

Buying an insurance product is not enough – you also need someone who would ensure that the money comes to the family when there is no one to take care of them. Someone who you can trust – and agents provided that trust to family.

  1. He faces harsh rejections and yet pursues you to plan for your security

An insurance agent is not easily welcomed in any house. Every agent has to face harsh rejections but he never gives up. He tries relentlessly so that he can sell you a very beneficial product. But as I said, before selling the product is not the only motive. In the process, he advises to protect your family, to bring in discipline in your investing and most importantly advises you investment options that are suitable for your life-stage and need.

  1. He thinks about your future when you are busy living in the present

You would also have experienced this. When we earn we first think about our daily expenses and short term goals like holiday planning, a foreign tour, exotic dinners etc but in the process our long term but important financial milestone take a backseat. We always think that we have enough time on hand.

 It is your agent who forces you to think long term and shows you the possible averse outcomes if you don’t start now. He warns you in advance. Insurance is the only product which forces you to invest for the long term. Hence insurance agent is the only one who makes you think about long term.

  1. He plans for your retirement so that you live a respectable old life


Retirement is bittersweet for most people and they expect to truly live life during this time. Take out time for their family and their own self.

If retirement is not properly planned then it can be a harrowing experience. The biggest challenge we face today is the unpredictable nature of our life. People fear dying early as they are worried about their families, but what if you live longer than expected? Your retirement funds won’t be enough. At the age of 80 when you don’t have anything, what would you do? This is where your insurance agent helps you. He understands that the future is not reliable and hence plans your life in a way that you have enough money as long as you live.

  1. He gives you a comfort that your family is protected – all the time

Above all, the most important reason for which your agent must be respected is because he provides peace of mind to your father / husband / mother / earning member that their family is protected.

 Parents are always concerned about the family and are always worried about what would happen if something happens to them. Parents know that if they live long enough then they will fulfill every dream their child has but what if? And an agent takes this worry away from parents.

 An agents helps parents have a peaceful sleep without any worry so that they have more power to fight other battles that life has placed before them.

It is for this support, this peace of mind – an Agent needs to be respected. An Insurance Agent provides his/her clients with a great deal of peace. And for this aspect, they deserve bundles and bundles of respect.


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