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HelpInsure is The future of How Insurance Advisory works - Go digital, Go Intelligent

Learn Module

Get all the knowledge about insurance at one place. This section contains simple stuff such as explanation of PT, PPT etc to advance knowledge around MWP etc.


Simplify Module

Understanding a new product has never been easier. Every product simplified through 5 simple documents. Easy graphical representation for extremely easy product understanding


Create Module

This is where all the action takes place. Your intelligent advisor. It has all the inbuilt calculators and automated advisory that an advisor ever wanted. Moreover it also has product combinations and much more

Combine Products Like Never Before

Don't Sell what you have, Create what your customer Needs


1. Combine products across companies

You can combine product from one company with product from another company

2. Combine ULIP with traditional

Now you can combine traditional product with ULIP Products. It is unique solution creators

3. Combine Series of same product

You can combine one single product multiple times to create unique regular income

Get Products and Illustrations of Multiple Companies at one Place

  • HelpInsure brings illustrations of 250+ products from across 20+ life insurance companies under one single application.
  • Now you need not handle multiple applications from different insurance companies.
  • just use HelpInsure and get data of all the companies you work for at one place

Need analyser, target fund calculators, automated suggestion and much more

  • HelpInsure has all the calculators you need. Moreover it gives automated suggestion for needs and target fund etc
  • types of simplified need calculators
  • target fund calculator to address your customer requirements
  • Simple amount based calculator

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Want to Sell ULIPs? - We are Here to Help

A special section on ULIP selling to help you sell more

1. Compare with MF and prove ULIP is better

Yes. Our ULIP sections helps you to compare with Mutual fund and shows customer how ULIPs are better

2. More options for interest rate

You can also check how Fund Value grows for various interest rate scenario

3. Special Customer Report

A special Customer Report for ULIP selling. Fully equipped with all the necessary information


Simplified Product Representation for Easier Understanding

We have focussed immensely on simplifying the product information. A simple graphical representation for easier understanding

Illustrate Tax Benefit : And Show how Insurance is better than other financial products

We also calculated the amount of tax customer saves on 80 C and 10 ( 10 D) while investing in insurance. Using this calculation you can show customer how insurance is better than other financial products


Save Solution

You can save every product combination as a solution and reuse it. You don't have to remember each combo separately

Graphical Representation

You can also check how Fund Value grows for various interest rate scenario


Application and customer reports are fully personalised. This creates good impression on customer


To help you showcase your professionalism and impress your customers


Features and Details

Tell people some damn good features, specifications or interesting facts about your product or app here in this beautiful section.

1. Personalised

Application is fully personalised. Customer Report etc with your details

2. Save Quotation

You can save every quotation for future use

3. Automated Suggestion

Get Automated suggestions for every advice that you seek


4. Sales Techniques

Get complete sales pitch and selling technique. Learn from the best and sell more

5. Ready Reckoners

You get fully customised ready reckoner for every product

6. Motivation

Insurance selling is a tough job and so we get you all the motivation you need

And this is just a glimpse .Want to know more?

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